Why Do I Blog?

6:45 PM

Today, I had the opportunity for a radio host to interview me about my popular Toronto foodie blog. More details to come when it will be broadcast on air/online.

One question that really hit me was "Why Do I Blog?"

Here was my list of items that really made this a perfect storm:

  • Always was a foodie at heart
  • With my kids (including a newborn), photo taking would be more important for me (so better take so good pics!)
  • Had a lot of picture content of foods and trips but no real place to structure them into a format that I liked
  • Saw the current direction of existing Toronto foodie websites/atmosphere and wanted to voice another opinion/direction
  • Wanted to improve writing skills
 Since one of my life goals is continuous self improvement, this is why my blog (www.eatingwithgordon.com) is still active and hopefully into the future.

Fresh sweet corn from the Farmer's Market @ Work

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