Best Coconut Water Review!

8:28 AM

If you had seen me recently, I have been drinking a lot of coconut water for the past 1 year. I probably just got tried of water and wanted something with a little more flavour but something less sugary than juice.

I have tried so many different brands (Grace, PC, etc) and drinks of the coconut drinks with pulp and no pulp.

My end conclusion was ...

UFC Coconut Water!


  • very easy to drink, has a resealable lid
  • one of the least amounts of sugar and sodium out of all of the coconut water on the market
  • Request by Will for Nutrition Label

  • full of flavour
  • Recipient of the Prestigious "Superior Taste Award 2015" 2 Golden Stars, Michelin Standards from iTQi, Brussels, Belgium
  • Not made from concentrate (the PC brands do that ... ) 
  • Made using coconuts from Thailand
  • one of the most expensive coconut waters on the market :(
  • some liquid will remain once you finish drinking due to the current design of the box
Disclaimer: the backup notes of the comparisons is a work in progress.
    No Frills carries them and most Asian supermarkets

    Real coconut from my Caribbean adventures

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