Eating @ Kung Fu Noodles (Part2)

10:27 AM

This was another visit to Kung Fu Noodles after a long stay at Cobourg beach.

Food Comments:
For this large meal with family and in-laws, we ordered the following dishes:

  • 7001 - Brised Beef Tendon (good pieces of beef with the side vinegar, soy sauce sauce)
  • 7042 - Shredded Potato Salad (very wet in sauce and sweet - still good)
  • 7044 - Shredded Kelp Salad (good - there was a spicy oil in the mix)
  • 3022 - Pulled Chicken Cold
  • 1000 - House Special (my SO didn't believe me - so she wanted to try it out ...)
  • 1001 - Authentic Beef noodles
  • 1051 - Pork Belly Hand-Shaved Noodles
  • 1 - Lamb Kebab - very fatty and lots of hot spices on the surface - still very tasty
The signature dish of this evening was the Pulled Chicken Cold noodles. I had something similar in Tianjin, China with peanut paste and sesame paste. The noodle soaked up the sauces and the textures of the vegetables (carrots, bean sprouts, cucumbers) mixed well giving additional flavours.

More background on the chef: 20 years of noodle experience and originally comes from Tianjin too.

For the MSG avoiders - they actually do use MSG in some of their dishes.

Food Photos:

Non Food Photos:
Disney will not be happy

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