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For this dinner, a small group of my old friends and I were meeting up to try Indian food (we rarely do that) with a suggestion from Foodie Richie Bear to try out the the popular Indian Street Food Co that open recently in 2015 in Toronto. They were getting a lot of attention with their 'NO TIPPING' methodology (Admin fee = 13%). I had heard of good things and today was the day to find out.

Reviewer: Eating With Gordon
Visit Date: 8/21/2016
Food Rating: 4/5
Service Rating: 3.5/5

We arrived at 6pm and it was barely busy with business. The decor looked dark and cozy environment with one side of the restaurant with wall seating booths. The walls had some great messages about food philosophy. As the night went on, customers started filling most of the tables in the restaurant.

This restaurant does not recommend tipping as the bills already come with an admin fee (13%). I loved this practice instead of tipping. All restaurants really should do this if their service levels are good. As for the actual service - they were good and acknowledged us for drinks and water.

Food Comments:
For this dinner meal, everyone ordered their own plates and a few of my friends got plates to share around.

Here are some of the dishes found in the pics:

  • Butter Chicken Plate ($14.80)
    • Butter chicken or murgh makhani is an Indian dish of chicken in a mildly spiced curry sauce.
    • this was a little spicy for us but was very good with the moist juicy chicken
  • Veg thali ($19.90)
    • combination platter of all the veg sauces of cauliflower, okra, spinach and cheese and lentil dip with yogurt and sweet gulab jamun ("sweet timbit") with half plain naan, papadum, shrimp chips (i think)
    • this was a very filling meal and a great chance to sample the various dips. It was too bad that the non veg thali is only available on a weekday ...
  • Banana Leaf Wrap Roasted Fish ($19.80)
    • A technique popular with Parsis in India, red snapper doused in buttery smooth tamatar masala curry from Kerala
    • had a sample of the fish and it was soaking in a lot of flavours - perfect texture with the fish
  • Baigan Fries ($8.80)
    •  Eggplant fries, mustard yoghurt dip lasoon
    •  eggplants had a very nice texture with the crispy shell and soft insides
  • Butter Naan ($2.35)
    •  wasn't overcooked - just perfect
  • Lasooni Cauliflower ($9.80)
    •  this was such an amazing dish! Almost reminded me of eating Chinese BBQ (but not meat!)
  • Grilled Okra Kadhi ($12.90)
Overall, the food was pretty good and the experience (especially with great friends) was very positive. Would definitely love to come back to try more dishes.

Food Photos:
Veg Thali

Butter Naan

Eggplant Fries! So Good!

Butter Chicken

Lasooni Cauliflower

Grilled Okra Kadhi and Naan

Banana Leaf Wrap Roasted Fish

Mystery dish - i forgot...

Non Food Photos:

Bill was served on a typewriter (no real significance)

Name:Indian Street Food Co
Price Range:$$
Address:1701 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G 3C1
Phone:(416) 322-3270
Menu URL:
Sunday11:30AM–3PM, 5–10PM
Friday11:30AM–3PM, 5–10PM
Saturday11:30AM–3PM, 5–10PM

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