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My colleague and I decided last minute to try an Indian restaurant in the neighborhood. We have normally visited Bombay Bhel but we decided to try something different in the hood. Dum Pukht it was! Located on Denison street up in Markham, there is ample parking space for this restaurant.

Food Rating: 4.5/5
Service: 3.5/5

Once I enter the restaurant with it's automatic doors, I was impressed with the upscale decor themes in this restaurant. To be more honest, it look like a upscale nightclub with an impressive bar & lounge area.  Lots of lighting, dark good looking decor with ample furniture and spacing. Even the chairs are impressive.

The service was so-so for today. There were a bunch of new hire servers and 1 main full time server. One junior guy took our order and completely forgot our naan order. Good thing the full time server thought it was strange that we didn't order any naan/rice to go with our dishes ....The new hires were just terrible (I had to ask for the menus ...).

Food Comments:
We ended up ordering 2 regular nanns, Lamb Rogan Josh and Chicken Biryani. The naans are very large!  I would order 1 per person as they slice in 4 pieces. As for the flavour of the naan, they were quite normal and not burnt (good thing!).

Rogan josh, is an aromatic lamb dish of Persian origin, which is one of the signature recipes of Kashmiri cuisine. It was so perfect in spice flavours and texture. I felt some heat from the dish and my colleague assured me that this was "mild" to him. I rarely eat anything spicy these days.

Biryani, also known as biriyani or biriani, is a mixed rice dish from the Indian subcontinent. It is popular throughout the subcontinent and among the diaspora from the region. It is made with spices, rice, lentils, meat and vegetables. Their dish was covered with that bread/naan. The flavours were just exploding in my mouth with saffron, cardamom, cloves and ginger. Definitely a signature dish as suggested by Dum Pukht!

This place is one of the more expensive Indian restaurants in the area - we average about $20 per person. There is AYCE Indian buffet down the street as well. However, with attention to food quality and decor, this place is well worth the price.
Food Pictures:

Chicken Biryani Special Signature Dish

Lamb Rogan Josh

Non Food Pictures:

Address:323 Denison St, Markham, ON L3R 1B7
Phone:(905) 604-6401
Website:     NA

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