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First found out of this place in the Chow - Toronto facebook group. I never had the traditional bbq food before and the ones at the festivals are always the precook meats with heavy wet sauces.  This place has a similar style/feel to Franklin Barbeque with slow cooked meats, lunch hour services and long lines! From the most recent online postings, there were lines that form immediately at opening (11 am) and stay open until they run out of meats (usually at 1pm).  I decided to make the long trip since I wasn't too busy.

Leaside area is very industrial work area with no good parking spots for running a restaurant!  There were warnings/postings about where to park. Worst case, you will get a ticket! I was fortunate enough to find out there is a plaza beyond the Toronto postal office with free, non-restricted parking. This may one day change due to the popularity of the Adamson Barbecue. The décor is very simple and plan with wood chairs and tables and ample seating for ~30 people. Arriving at 11 am, there is already a long line of people (20 people). By 12 pm, there is probably a line up of 40 people stretching out the door - so DO COME EARLY! There is no AC but there is a large door opening in the restaurant for fresh spring air.

Food Rating: 4.0
Service: 4.0 (wish it was faster)
There are a lot of food menu options for this.  You can get the various meats (brisket, turkey, sausages, pulled pork and spare ribs) in 1/4 oz or 1lb sizes. They also sell beef ribs at a higher price ($28/lb). For my lunch, I got the platter combo ($20 for Texas Trinity) which I feel gives a bit of everything. I'm so glad they don't cover up their meats in sugar and sauce. Like Texas style, they use real wood to cook and smoke their meats.
For this trip, I focus exclusively on the brisket and the spare ribs => great tasting since the brisket I had was very fatty with juices. The meat was really falling apart on the brisket and spare rib. I needed the fork just to contain the meat. Surprising the sausage was sweet and flavourful. The side dishes were disappointing and wouldn't get again ...

Would I come back => Yes!

Food Pictures:
This is the Texas Trinity with extra brisket with sides of potato and beans

The bark on the spare ribs were amazing and crispy with flavour

This was so fatty and great tasting

Adam moved it to give me the money shot

Non Food Pictures:
Parking Tips for coming to Adamson Barbecue

Come early!

Address:176 Wicksteed Ave, Toronto, ON M4G 2B6
Phone:(647) 559-2080
Wednesday11–2PM (until meat is all gone)
Thursday11–2PM (until meat is all gone)
Friday11–2PM (until meat is all gone)
Monday11–2PM (until meat is all gone)
Tuesday11–2PM (until meat is all gone)

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