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Many of old classmates from engineering and high school friends met up at Golden Court Abalone Restaurant. The restaurant had a renovation with brand new décor.  Hearing from other sources, the establishment also had updated their food quality as well.  Was this all because of Yu Seafood taking away their customers?

Food Rating: 3.5/5
Service : 3/5

I came to this restaurant many times during my work years (even before the renovation). Previously, the decor of the restaurant was very old fashion with a lot of the red and golden color themes with many dragon motifs on the walls. After the renovation, the decor was more modern looking (especially the wallpaper). It seemed like they updated their chandeliers (only in the main hall area).

Service wasn't as good as I expected. I requested a high chair for my toddler and they told me where I can find it ... Once we ordered the dishes, the food came about 10-15 minutes later.  It was also very difficult to flag people for drinks. On the electronic side, this restaurant provided free wifi.

Food Comments:
For dim sum service, we picked our food dishes using the new method of paper menu and pencil. We ordered a wide array of typical tradition dim sum dishes. I didn't recall seeing any new modern reinventions on the menu.

As for food quality/flavours, the dim sum quality ranged all over many scales. The har gow was good size but overly sticky for my chopstick skills. I liked the siu mai dish to be very enjoyable. Also, the egg custard bun was tasty even thou I had a "squirting" accident. The inside of the bun was very liquidity, sweet, hot and tasty.

Is this even a 1 star michelin restaurant? Probably not but still okay for a dim sum restaurant.  

Food Photos:

beef tripe with green onions - it was so so in flavour

Siu Mai was good in my opinion

Fried Squid Legs - my daughter enjoyed this

Curry Cuttlefish was amazing with the fiery sauce

Chicken Feet with Sauce

Giant Shrimp Har Gow - skin was over done (so sticky to everything)

Egg Sunny Explosion Custard Bun - really good!

270 West Beaver Creek Rd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3Y9
(905) 707-6628

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