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I have visited a couple of freshly hand made noodle restaurants across Toronto and this place was one of them back in 2015. I was tipped about this place from the foodies in the Facebook Chowhound Toronto group. When you hear of the name "Noodle Legend", you would expect really great hand made noodles ...

Food Rating: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5

Visit: 11/14/2015

This restaurant was very hidden. It was located in a small corner of the plaza (south side of Sheppard). The decor of this restaurant was very simple with plain chairs and kitchen. The style reminded me of a cafeteria style arrangement. So keep your expectations low. There were two TV screens around the restaurant showing news.

For this visit for dinner, there wasn't too many people but we did come around 5pm. The restaurant got a few more visitors past 6pm. There was one staff available for ordering and servicing dishes. He was quick and friendly.

Food Comments:
The food presented in this restaurant is all Northern China style cuisine with emphasis on the home made style noodles. In comparison to other noodle restaurants in the Toronto area, I preferred the noodles here but the soup broth back at Eight Noodles. Please don't even compare "Magic Noodles (Richmond Hill location) to hand made noodles. Magic Noodles was just garbage quality!

Regarding the side dishes, the ones we ordered were garbage. We got the popular shredded potatoes with chill oil and it was not crispy at all (wet and soggy) . The peanuts and celery dish was really too simple with no distinct flavours (I can just cut this at home and mix it together).

Would I come back? Probably only for the noodles.  At the time of the visit, I had to pay cash as the staff said the machines weren't available.

Food Photos:

Non Food Photo:

Address:4271 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON M1S 1T6
Phone:(416) 297-8862
Website:     NA
Sunday11AM - 10PM
Monday11AM - 10PM
Tuesday11AM - 10PM
Wednesday11AM - 10PM
Thursday11AM - 10PM
Friday11AM - 10PM
Saturday11AM - 10PM

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