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Richmond Hill isn't known for having a selection of restaurants/cafes serving up non-Asian cuisine but this "Bamiyan Kabob" is an exception to the trend. I was suggested to this restaurant from many work colleagues. My colleague informed me that this restaurant has other locations within Toronto and they were good in execution and providing tasty food.

Food Rating: 4.5/5
Service: Self Service


The restaurant was located in the Richmond Hill area (beside Chako) with many other restaurants. Parking was never an issue in this plaza. Once you enter the restaurant, there was a giant counter with long lines. You decided on an order and pay at the counter. The restaurant had steps for different level seating and had a mix of booths and plain chairs. The restaurant was clean, warm and well lit with the orange walls. Don't expect much for decor...


We had paid at the counter and just wait for the ticket number to be called. Normally at lunch time, there were LONG LONG lines. Once the number was called, we took our food tray to our tables.

Food Comments:
The Bamiyan Kabob dinner menu items were famous and popular. The ingredients were simple; however, there was such amazing depth of flavours. The Brown basmatii rice was coated in some kind of butter/oil sauce. The rice alone was great to eat without anything. The naan was very different from other Indian restaurants such that the texture was harder and chewy. The meats in the restaurant are the signature pieces of the meal. They were seasoned and spiced while maintain their meat moisture.  Overall, the meals were very large (more than enough for 1-2 people).

You can ask for water behind the counter. They have a spicy salsa sauce if you want (but need to ask for it).

Would I come back? Definitely

Food Photos:

Mango drink was great

Their giant hard naans
Address:161 York Blvd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3B4
Phone:(905) 763-9090

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