Best Of the Best: Bubble Tea in Toronto

10:59 AM

The best bubble teas in Toronto have been changing over the years. Stores like Tea 168 and Bubble Tease existed across Toronto. Only in a few years, large bubble tea chains have started to branch into Toronto and take over existing markets.

I had consumed many bubble tea drinks around the world even thou they are empty calories ...  Here are my recommendations for best bubble tea in Toronto (focus more on quality and less on price):

Ten Ren's Tea
(flag ship store on Hwy 7)
Would visit the flag ship store for the purest form of tea - can be very expensive - 8 to 10 dollars a drink! They don't use the powder chemicals to mix with water. They actually brew real teas with the fruits.
The Alley
New fruit/fusion style on traditional milk bubble tea - also pricy - $6 dollars on average
CoCo Tea
One of my favourite popular chains from Taiwan when I was staying there
The purple signature stores can be found almost anywhere in Toronto. They are very consistent with making of the drinks
This is another Taiwanese bubble tea store taking up shop around Toronto as well.

Example Bubble Tea from Coco:

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