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Saigon star serves an exotic blend of Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. They heavily advertise their signature Dungeness Crab dishes. This restaurant has stood the test of time along the Hwy 7 area for many years. My work colleagues have visited this restaurant very often during many lunch outings. However, this review is the first time trying out the Curry Crab dish! My wife and her colleagues have been visiting this place for lunch while trying the crab dish many times!

Visit: 4/7/2015

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Pricing: Varies per dish

It isn't a large restaurant and probably fits about 50 people max. The parking lot for this plaza is horrible. You have to watch out for the ONE way driving path (which many people don't follow). There is actually underground parking in the plaza which people rarely use. The decor has a dark black theme with white table cloths giving it a modern clean appearance. The white table cloths really make the food the focus point during dinner.

Wife and I came here with a group of friends to try out their highly decorated Curry Crab.  It was packed by the time 7pm came along.  Luckily, one of my friends were able to secure a table for six.   It's one of the more challenging dishes to eat as your hands, face, and clothes can end up with pieces of crab and/or curry.  The french bread and bowls of rice really complimented the curry. Lucky, the servers were able to provide plastic gloves to deal with the curry crab.

It was really delicious but I thought the waitress was kind of hustling us in to ordering other expensive seafood dishes (which we declined). In the end, the meal was satisfying and the curry crab legend continues on.

Food Photos:

Mixed Platter for Appetizers

Signature Curry Crab dish

Non Food Photos (from Saigon Star website):

Address: 330 Hwy 7 E, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1S1
Phone:   (905) 731-7221



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