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By some strange fate, I was checking xiaoeat's blogs and discovered that this Gourmet Malaysia was also strongly recommended. After more cross-checking on Yelp and other blogger websites, I was more convinced to visit this. Lastly, my wife's coworkers suggested a restaurant that was really good for Malaysian food since they originated from there - located somewhere on Sheppard East and Brimley. Was it the same restaurant,  "Gourmet Malaysia" ? YES! Historical records online revealed  that this restaurant used to be located in a food court long ago.

Price: $10-20 per person, depends on the dishes

The style of the restaurants feels semi cafeteria. There are rows of tables and chairs closed together. There are table booth seats along the the windows; however, these seats are very popular. There really seems to be no theme to the decor of the restaurant. Any colour is thrown into the mix of the restaurant. There is an art gallery display at one end of the restaurant while there is a mini Malaysia supermarket near the bar counter selling exotic sauces, ingredients and frozen durians (from Thailand).

After some initial research, wife and I decided to order the following dishes:

  • Crispy Butter Prawns - $13.99
  • Hainan Rice - $2.50
  • Roti Cannai (Beef) - $8.99
The food came really fast - within 5-10 minutes. I heard from other sources that when this restaurant used to be in the food court, you had to wait 30 minutes! Crispy Butter Prawns - Firstly, the prawns themselves, fried with the heads on, tender, full of flavour and very crispy. So good that you can eat the whole fried prawn. There is a ton of that egg string topping on the dish. They were little and crispy which adds another level to the dish.  Roti Cannai - Roti with beef curry - one of the best dishes I ever had. The roti was fried with butter and flaky with many layers.  It was a perfect match with the beef curry. Sadly, I wanted more curry but the portions were small. Hainan Rice - this rice was totally infused the chicken flavours. My go to place for this dish is at Restoran Malaysia. It was just so delicious to eat by itself. I definitely need to visit again to try more dishes!

Food Photos:

Crispy Butter Prawns!

Beef Curry with Roti - not enough curry!

Hainan Rice - so good!
Non Food Photos:

Address: 4466 Sheppard Ave E #101, Scarborough, ON M1S 1V2

Phone: (647) 764-1188




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