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If you read a lot of my blog postings, you might have noticed that I got some Taiwanese blood in me and I often like drinking bubble tea even thou it's not healthy ... This posting is a review of the Mama Bear restaurant located on Hwy 7. Initially, Mama Bear started out as a "stinky" fried tofu vendor at some of the Asian night markets in Toronto festivals. These events were like 2 day activities where these vendors try to replicate the feel and atmosphere of the Taiwanese night markets where you can find fried snacks, clothing, drinks such as bubble tea and etc. A few years later, Mama Bear Taiwanese Cuisine restaurant was created into a restaurant located on Highway 7. I am very fortunate to have it located close to me at work! 

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Pricing: $15 dollars per person

The restaurant isn't that large. Most fit about 30-40 people. The decor of the restaurant is dark with brick, brown wood themes. Don't expect any high end service here. However, the servers are fast pace working and do their best to respond to the customer needs. There are comfortable table booths along the sides of the walls with open tables in the middle of the restaurants. If you come here for dinner, it is usually packed with a full restaurant. You may have to wait in line at the entrance of the restaurant (sometimes outside). There is free wi-fi available if required.

The lunch and dinner service is practically the same. At the opening of this restaurant, they originally didn't have lunch service! I'm glad at the present time (4/7/2016) that they do. They have a wide range of menu options with 1 1/2 pages devoted just to noodles alone and more pages just for Taiwanese snacks. In regards to the food quality, I would say the food is okay in flavour. I have been here a couple of times and sample a wide range of menu items. If I was compared this to Papa Chang restaurant, I would definitely go for Papa Chang. If Papa Chang food is too far for you, Mama Bear is still a fitting choice.

Would I come back? Sure - it's close by to my work place if I'm craving something Taiwanese.

Food Photos:

Beef noodle soup - I like the one at First Markham Place more ...
Popcorn chicken meal kit - tasty stuff
Rice Combo 0505 - Braised Pork w/ Bamboo Shoot Rice Combo

Minced Meat Rice Combo

One of the snack dishes - forgot which one
Beef Tendon & Honeycomb Tripe W/ thin Noodle
Winter Melon Tea - it was good and sweet
Popcorn chicken combo again

Non Food Photos:
Sign outside
Address:324 Hwy 7 E #7, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1A6
Phone:(905) 597-7770

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