Eating @ TAIWANfest 2016 (Toronto)

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I had an opportunity with my family to come downtown to enjoy the TAIWANfest 2016 event that was happening last August weekend (Aug 28 to be specific) at the Harbourfront Centre. Having been to Taiwan before and trying out many night markets (including a couple in Toronto), I was going in with low expectations for food ...

Food Comments with Photos:
There is a 2nd floor square building shape that contains the world cafe/restaurants. There were primary 5 vendors located at this platform.

The Yu Garden stall was a complete let down with menu items featuring dim sim dishes. IMHO, nothing on the menu was even close to Taiwanese food. Many of the crowded avoided the stall completely.

Wei's Taiwanese Food was one of the very popular vendors. One stall sold bento style boxes and the other one sold snack size treats. Wei's has a location out in Scarborough and normally is opened at lunch to serve lunch meals. During the other times, they normally focus on packaging their frozen foods to supermarkets across Toronto. There was a huge waiting game for the food here. A chinese grandmother told us that she always ordered in bulk before the official opening of the stall (before 12pm). For this stall, they sold the following:

 We ordered 2, 3, 6, 7 and 10. Everything we got was delicious. The oyster omelet was a let down in flavour. If I had to pick again, I would have ordered #6 and #2. The Pork Intestine & Meat Thick Noodle dish was so good (would have been great on a cold day). It wasn't as sour in comparison to the ones I had at Papa Chang. The crispy intestines was the perfect snack dish. I would have kept eating this all day long. 

Crispy intestines - so good!
Called the taiwanese hamburger - it was okay - not a lot of meat and they used parley (which was a nice contrast)

bought this bento box for kid - she didn't eat...

the blood pudding was very sweet and tasted more like peanut dessert

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As the day went, the weather came much hotter and needed some chilling food.  Found the FuQQ stall and ordered this Bumblebee dessert ($7). It looked nothing like what was advertised. Despite the deceiving presentation looks, the dessert tasted good with the chewy taro and yam tapioca pieces with the shaved ice.

Before the Order
After the Order
Overall, I enjoyed the day even thou the kids were killing us along the way. The food can be expensive at these events. So do prepare to spend.

Non Food Photos:
Was too full and didn't get to order anything from this place

Found a free give away for Sunny Hill Taiwanese pineapple cake - $30 for 10 in a small package

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