Eating Japanese Water Cake (@ TAIWANfest 2016)

8:00 AM

Remember a few years ago at CNE, there were the cronuts? Well, this year is probably now the "Water Cake".

$7 dollars for the Japanese Water drop cake at Taiwanfest 2016
To a child, it looks like a giant bubble of water or "rain drop". It is actually a transparent piece of Japanese rice cake commonly known as Mizu Shingen Mochi. The most futuristic part about this dessert? If you don’t eat it within 30 minute, it supposedly disappears! The trend has become so popular that this dish has branched out of Japan into various parts of the world.

The cake is clear and jelly-like, and served with a sugar syrup. Made from a combination of mineral water and agar (similar to gelatin), the cake has almost no texture or flavour. Is it worth it? Well, if you like eating future food it is. Therefore yes, it’s worth it. I don't like too sugary foods and it was just subtle sweet.

Want to try? Missed your chance at Taiwanfest? I expect there to be more opportunities/vendors to sell this in the future to come (especially in Toronto)!

Recipe Here:

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