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Today was a very long day at Bluffer Park Beach. We stayed very late and didn't think we would have time to cook dinner once we got back home. I recalled that there was a popular pho restaurant in the hood and would be on the way back home.  I found many mentions of this place by the former Toronto Chowhound groups with mostly positive reviews with the exception of one. This restaurant started in this location and has franchised out of Scarborough.

Reviewer: Eating With Gordon
Visit Date: 8/30/2016
Food Rating: 4.5/5
Service Rating: 4/5

The restaurant was very busy for the night. We were very lucky to get a large 6 seat table at the back of the room. The arrangement of restaurant was similar to cafeteria style with dark wooden tables and chairs. All the available sauces, utensils (fork, chopsticks, small bowls), napkins were available on the table side. The walls were covered in this lime green with this wall railing (which I thought was strange). The washrooms looked like they were recently renovated and appeared clean.

The staff were here were so great to us. You cannot imagine how much difficult we had managing two babies!! We requested cold water, extra bowls, more bean sprouts, moving chairs, more soup broth, etc... The staff were so gracious with our requests. They also provided free wifi as well.

This restaurant was purely Vietnamese and pho was their signature dish at this restaurant. Many of us decided to get the house special. The house special included a mixed of small beef balls, tripe, rare beef and brisket. As I was drinking the broth, I began to feel the rich, crystal clear, intensely beefy broth. My wife agreed that the soup was amazing and with no hint of MSG. The tangle of slick rice noodles were very skin, soft and yet still chewy. This pho dish was just speechless.

My SO ordered the lemongrass grilled porkchop. There was some "kick" in that porkchop seasoning and it was absolutely tasty.

Would I come back here again? Yes! I totally understand why this place was so popular.

Food Photos:

got the house special pho (small)


grilled lemongrass porkchop with rice

Non Food Photos:
Entrance to the Pho Place

so busy at all hours

Name:Pho Metro
Price Range:$$
Address:2057 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1R 2Z4
Phone:(416) 750-8898
Menu URL:

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