Yu Seafood - Part 2 - Dim Sum

8:16 AM

Went back to Yu Seafood with dear for Lunch Dim Sum.  It was crazy packed with long lines. Lucky, I was able to get a small table quickly.

Food Rating: 5/5 - amazing quality - best of any dim sum dishes in Toronto

Service: 5/5

  • the servers were immediate and quick
  • constantly changed your plates 
  • complained about the empty pepper shaker and they quickly fixed it
  • no credit cards allowed=> cash or debt cards
Food Pictures from Visit:

Lobster Seafood Congee - perfect balance of savory and flavours
Eel Rice Roll - it was great
Chicken feet was very great tasting - the side snacks (of 2 peanuts type) weren't good ...
Almond Bun ! so good
Doggy bag to go - ordered too much
they will have a market place to sell seafood
setup for the commercial selling seafood market
pork and taro with pumpkins
they gave an empty pepper jar

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