Eating @ Yu Seafood

9:33 AM

Inside the restaurant

A new restaurant called "Yu Seafood" opened up  to replace the bankrupt Wasibi buffet restaurant that existed in the West Beaver Creek location. When my lunch party got there for dim sum on Tuesday at 11:45 am, there was a long line already waiting.

Style and Decor:
  • Totally different from Wasibi decor 
  • Looks very open with booths and tables with high ceilings (probably $1-2M renovations)
  • Japanese theme with the light colours and wood nature contrasts
  •  They built 2nd floors just for washrooms (the original Wasibi never had a 2nd floor)
  • They got individual rooms for washrooms with labels for Men and Woman (located on the 2nd floor)
    • why bother when you have individual rooms already? 
Almond Bun that was amazing (hot, sweet, savoury, crunchy)
  • Dim sum dishes pretty good - loved the Almond bun
  • I haven't tried dinner dishes
  • The noodles were very disappointing - lacking flavours
  • Take cash or debit cards - NO CREDIT CARDS
  • Top end pricing for dim sum and the dinner pricing looks expensive too
    • S: $3.10
    • M: $4.10
    • L: $5.10
    • XL: $6.10
    • SP: $9.80
  • 4.5 stars - I would go back again 
  • I went back again here:

Name: Yu Seafood
Address: 270 West Beaver Creek Rd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3Y9
Phone: 905-881-1688

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