Foodie Item - Prima Taste Laksa La Mian ( Singapore Laksa Noodles )

9:23 AM

After getting recommendations from local foodies on Chowhound and colleagues, I decided to purchase on Amazon of these Laksa instant noodle package.

This is probably one of the greatest instant noodles in the world. If you make it according to the instructions, it will turn out tasting better than some of the "good efforts".

Product Description: 

Indulge in this new experience ~Aromatic Prima Taste Laksa gravy with silky, steamed and air-dried noodles. Every bite is as good as traditional noodles. Every aroma and texture is an ode to the authentic taste of Singapore, and a full gourmet meal.


  • Says no MSG in package for those who are sensitive.  
  • Kind of expensive for instant noodle package but very tasty 
  • Was sold at T&T supermarket but they ran out and I bought it on

My Rating: 4.5/5

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