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With the recent addition of a newborn to my life, I won't be traveling far any time soon. I heard of this restaurant from Facebook Chow-Toronto group (special notice to Charles Yu) and it's very close to my work place. Today, my colleagues and I were open for lunch outing today and decided to give this place a try. We were in for a shock!

Food: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Pricing: average $15 and up ...

The restaurant is very small. It has about 7 seats at the bar and 3 small tables for max of 12 people. The staff are all Japanese. It was very quiet atmosphere. I enjoyed the nice light wood decor around the restaurant and the attention to fine details. There is like a giant white marble slab that becomes a focal point for where the sushi chef works.  You really wouldn't expect this type of restaurant in shopping plaza mall! There were a few customers here for lunch and they were all Japanese. It was like deja vu at J-town.

Menu has a huge selection of sushi and sashimi items. For our purposes today, we sticked with the lunch menus. I got the Toshi Special Lunch ($27!) and my colleagues got the Sushi Lunch ($16).

The Toshi Special Lunch includes:

  • Sushi (4 pcs)
    • Shimja Aji (skipper jack)
    • S Bincho (smoked tuna)
    • Ebi (Shrimp)
    • Sake (Samon)
    • Rainbow Fish
  • Sashimi (4pcs)
  • Assorted Tempura
  • Miso and Green Salad
The Sushi Lunch includes: Nigiri 7pcs, Roll 3pcs.

Overall, the meal was amazing for ingredient quality and taste. The assorted tempura was crispy and not over battered . Usually fried foods taste great. They had mixtures of green beans, broccoli, eggplant and sweet potatoes with the shrimp. The sashimi was just great. The temperature and fatness of the tuna was perfect to the taste buds. I would come back again but just not frequently due to it's pricing.

Food Pictures:

Non Food Pictures:

Address: 1380 Major Mackenzie Dr. East. G-1. Richmond Hill, On L4S 0A1
Phone:   905-737-1125


Tuesday11:30AM - 3PM, 5PM -10:30PM
Wednesday11:30AM - 3PM, 5PM -10:30PM
Thursday11:30AM - 3PM, 5PM -10:30PM
Friday11:30AM - 3PM, 5PM -10:30PM
Saturday5PM -10:30PM
Sunday5PM -10:30PM


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