My Favourite Video Food Bloggers

7:12 AM

Here is a list of my favourite food bloggers that my wife and I enjoy watching (most of the time). Please feel to give suggestions.

Mark Wiens -

  • This is as a full time job as a video food bloggers
  • Got a very large mouth and loves eating everything with chills (disagree with this principle) 
  • If the food is tasty, he leans right and blinks his eyes many times (more blinks = very tasty food)
  • His wife is his video captures the videos for him and mostly eats last after finished filming (this is our theory) 
 Trevor James (The Food Ranger) -
  • Masters student studying in China who has advance Mandarin language skills
  • visits many food restaurants around Asia
  • He did have a few bad experiences with food poisoning 
  • Canadian!
Simon and Martha (Eat Your Kimchi) -
  • A married hip Canadian couple that originally went to Korea to teach English
  • They have fully turned to full time food blogging and video recording
  • Very entertaining and funny (Wife disagrees)
  • Currently living in Japan and used to live in Korea
Matt Stonie (Megatoad) -
  • Rank 1 competitive eater in MLE (Major League Eating)
  • Its crazy how this guy can eat so much food in one sitting ...

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