Coco Bubble Tea!

9:51 AM

Location: 505 Hwy 7 E Unit 5 (Commerce Gate Plaza)

Near my work place on Hwy 7 exists many bubble tea shops. I got Chatime, Tea Shop 168 and now Coco all within 3 minutes of walking. I heard of Coco bubble tea when I went back to Taiwan many years ago. It was my favourite bubble tea joint back in Taipei. Fast forward many years later, I discovered that there is a Coco shop near my work place!

There was a grand opening and miss the free bubble tea on the opening day. There have this 1 week special of buy one get another bubble tea free (regular size of milk version). The menu options for ice and sugar are almost identical to Chatime with scales for ice and sugar selection. The price point is almost the same to Chatime.The store is very small with only ordering station and no seats.

Bubble Tea Rating: 3.5/5


  • The free regular milk bubble tea was horrible (I asked for 30% sugar) and felt like drinking water. Going to up the sugar next time and see what happens ...
  • The lemonade bubble tea was good
  • My last few visits with Coco have been good - there was one time with a new staff who knew nothing!
  • Chatime and Coco are very comparable - I actually like Coco due to it's wider range of non traditional bubble tea drinks

Coming from Taiwan

Located on the east side of Commerce Gate

limited time promotion

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