CopaCabana! Grilled Brazlian

4:14 AM

150 Eglinton Ave E
Toronto, ON, Canada

My colleagues and I decided to pig out on "meats". We decided we are meatatarians. It is something we decided long ago and we feel very comfortable about. =)

This restaurant was formally a pizzeria on Eglinton Street. Now it is location to the new CopaCabana - a barbeque steak house buffet where a variety of mouthwatering, skewed meats are brought directly to your table and carved onto your plate. This style of service is called Rodizio-stype dining. To keep the meat servers coming, you keep this paper face up "Fire It Up!" Once you are almost dead, just flip this paper over for "Cool It".

In addition to their selections of meat, they have a salad/appentizer buffet bar on the side which contains seafood, rice dishes, pasta, cheese and vegetables. Desserts are extra; however you probably will get full from the meats and grilled pine apple. The cost per person without tip, tax is exactly $30 dollars per person.

By the end of the evening, I was going to explode. It was great especially the pineapple. I wish they had more selection since they give more on Fridays and Saturdays. Would I come back? For sure.

Side Buffet Stations:

Our choice of side buffet foods:

Complimentary Dishes:

Note: tasted like korean mochi bread, deep friend banana, corn bread muffin

Meat Selections:

The Grilled Pineapple:

This was the best tasting pineapple in the world. Crispy on the skin with flavours of caramel with the soft inner texture of the pineapple. I probably requested 6+ slices.

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